Our Mission

Foundation of Physics Research Center (FoPRC) is an independent international institute, founded in Italy, devoted to the development of theoretical and applied research in Physics and to advanced technological applications for the progress of knowledge and humanity.

To this aim FoPRC performs, promotes and diffuses activities mainly in the field of frontier research also by adopting and open-minded approach by establishing worldwide collaborations with universities, public and private research institutes, industries, governments, etc .

FoPRC also participates in teaching and educational activities collaborated with Universities and other Institute having similar purposes.

It is divided into different Divisions or Departments, each endowed with scientific and organizational autonomy in carrying out the respective programs and research and study activities.

Foprc is included in the Italian National Register of Researches

Main activities

Our mission consists in interdisciplinary activities in a wide range of applied physics, engineering and computer science including, but not limited to:

  • Promote the progress of knowledge in the field of Physics
  • Implement, coordinate and promote fundamental and applied research activities in the field of Physics, Physical Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Biological and Health Effects of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiations, Alternative Energy Sources
  • Promote, encourage and coordinate cooperation relationships at national and international level with organizations, Universities, Institutions, Bodies and Industries of excellence with similar aims
  • Promote national and international interventions in the field of technological innovation in the industrial and business fields, in compliance with what is enshrined in the European Charter for Researchers referred to in European recommendation n. 2005/251 / EC
  • Organize, promote and carry out, also in collaboration with national and international universities, public and private bodies and institutions, teaching activities, advanced training courses, masters, advanced courses, scholarships, research doctorates, as well as conferences, seminars, study meetings in the topics of interest to the Institute
  • Foster, for educational, educational and dissemination purposes, the dissemination of knowledge in the sectors of activity of the Institute, including through the publication in the appropriate forums of the results of its institutional activities
  • Make available and usable and foster, for educational, educational and dissemination purposes, competences and possible environments for the realization of interdisciplinary researches also aimed at developing diploma, degree, specialization and research doctorate theses
  • Provide scientific support to the drafting and implementation of research projects in the field of theoretical and applied physics, information technology and cutting-edge technological applications, environmental pollution, Biophysics and Health Physics.
  • Provide scientific and technical advice to public and private, national and international bodies and institutions on topics similar to or related to those of the Institute
  • Protect the intellectual property of the results of the research activity and the economic valorization of the same by favoring their transfer in the industrial sphere, also through the realization of patents
  • Carry out, also through strategic partnerships, all the activities useful for the achievement of institutional goals and in particular those of research, design and production of products, including software, scientific innovation services and technology with particular reference, but not limitedly to the fields of biophysics, health physics, super-calculation, artificial intelligence, robotics

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