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FoPRC is now accepting individual or istitutional applications as: Scientific Committee Members, Participating Members, Supporting Members or Collaborators. In all the cases the relationship between such individuals or Institutions and FoPRC will be ruled by specific contracts or agreements.

What kind of member are you?

Participating members

Participating members are individuals and public or private subjects that share the aims and scopes of FoPRC and contribute to their prosecution through financial or patrimonial support of special value, provided they are free of conflicts of interest. After the approval of application by FoPRC Directive Council they can become right members of the Centre.


Join US as “collaborators”: Collaborators are

  • researchers, professors, teachers, technical and / or administrative staff employed of Italian or foreign universities, national or international research institutes, other national or international institutions of a public or private nature that declare their willingness to participate in the activities of the Institute;
  • experts, scholars and researchers of clear national or international reputation in the scientific areas of institutional interest of the Institute;
  • researchers, scholars and scholarship holders declaring their will to participate in FoPRC’s activities;
  • technical or administrative personnel that would participate in the FoPRC’s activities

The relations between the FoPRC members and the Institute are ruled by specific contracts or agreements.

Supporting members

Supporting members include individuals and public or private institutions that support, through spontaneous donations and financial contributions, the activities of FoPRC.

Scientific Committee Member

Join US as “Scientific Committee Member”: Scientific Committee Members are national and international eminent scientific personalities of undisputed prestige in the institutional FoPRC’s fields of activity. The relations between the FoPRC members and the Institute are ruled by specific contracts or agreements.

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