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Biophysics and Health Physics

The Biophysics and Health Physics Division carries out research activities in the fields of theoretical, applied biophysics and health physics with special reference to complex living systems and human beings.

Main activities

The Division performs interdisciplinary research activities in the following fields:

  • Biophysics: theoretical model of quantum electrodynamics coherence in living organisms, Quantum Theory of brain mechanism, Bioelectromagnetics and Bioenergetics, Sensors biophysics, theoretical biophysics, mind-matter and radiation interaction, biophotons.
  • Health Physics: advanced models of interaction between Electromagnetic Non-Ionizing Fields and living systems, study of the effects of Non - ionizing EM field on living systems and human beings, design of electromagnetic radiation protection systems, design of innovative and quantum biomedical devices.
  • Signal Analysis: multiresolution and advanced analysis of biological systems, biomedical imaging.
  • Computational biophysics: Hypercomputing schemes applied to bioinformatics, mathematical biophysics.

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