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Advanced Technology Division

The Advanced Technology Division carries out research activities in the various sectors of applied physics, physics engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence and robotics. The Division applies theoretical models, also developed by Theoretical Division, to specific physical systems, designing and realizing, also collaborating with universities, research organisms and Industries, prototypes and industrial solutions.

Main activities

The Division performs interdisciplinary activities in a wide range of applied physics, engineering and computer science including, but not limited to:

  • Quantum Hypercomputing systems
  • Quantum Metamaterials and Technologies
  • Applied Quantum Optics
  • Complex Systems and Chaos
  • Quantum and non-conventional Energy generation systems
  • Advanced Space Propulsion systems
  • Signals Analysis and Advanced Acoustics systems
  • Quantum algorithms applied to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Brain-like computers, intelligent systems, image processing
  • Material Physics and Nanotechnology, micro and nano-mechanics, new materials, nano-biotechnology, Laser physics

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